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Magnetic Lashes - Ooh La La

Magnetic Lashes - Ooh La La

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Our lashes are second to none! 
The First in the world and always the best! We invented magnetic eyeliner and continue to lead the industry in new formulations. We solved the problem of wearing magnetic lashes once and for all!

We invented anchors too! These baby magnetic lashes can be attached under your natural lashes to add volume, add hold, or allow you to wear your magnetic lashes without magnetic eyeliner!

Ooh La La is our most glamorous lash.

You get two beautiful lashes (1 pair)  with 10 anchors!

  • Lashes – Nylon
  • 6 magnets
  • 6 mm - 17 mm
  • Shade: Black
  •  Shape: Cat Eye
  • Thickness: Full
  • Your glamorous lash, Ooh La La


  1. Apply one coat of TB Cosmetics magnetic eyeliner.
  2. Allow to dry for two minutes.
  3. Apply a second coat.
  4. Allow eyeliner to dry completely.
  5. Starting from the inner corner of the eyelid, apply magnetic eyelashes.
  6. When happy with the placement, lightly press the lashes to set.

Easily take off the magnetic liner by using a waterproof makeup remover after removing lashes and washing your face.

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